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Welcome to where digital art meets gaming. This platform uniquely combines two passions: the exhilaration of owning and trading bitmaps, and the thrill of strategic gaming reminiscent of classics like Evony.

project Features:

Bitmap Marketplace: Register, buy, or sell your distinct bitmaps in a dedicated marketplace. Your digital asset can now have a tangible value, thanks to the integration of the Bitcoin ordinals chain.

Gaming Experience: Dive into an immersive MMO RTS game where you can deploy your bitmaps. Every bitmap has its place in the game, adding a layer of strategy and personal touch to every battle.

Technical Highlights:
  • Seamless Integration: We have intricately woven the bitmap marketplace with the gaming universe, ensuring a smooth transition between buying a bitmap and deploying it in-game.
  • Bitcoin Ordinals Chain Integration: Leveraging the decentralized power of the Bitcoin ordinals chain, we've added a layer of security, transparency, and traceability to every bitmap transaction. This ensures that your digital assets are verifiable and unique.
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Challenges Faced:

Our journey was anything but easy. Here are some of the challenges we tackled:

  1. Blockchain Integration: Incorporating the Bitcoin ordinals chain was a complex task. Ensuring that every bitmap transaction was verifiable, instant, and secure required extensive research and development.
  2. Scaling: As our user base grew, maintaining performance, speed, and a seamless experience became a priority. We enhanced our backend systems to manage the surge.
  3. Game-Marketplace Synchronization: Integrating a marketplace with a game in real-time was a challenge. We wanted every bitmap purchase to be instantly available in-game. Achieving this synchronization took countless hours of coding and testing.

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Game Development


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